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If there is one thing which epitomises the East African coastline, it is the kikoi wrap.

Brought to the region by Arabic traders and used as a unit of currency, the cloth was adopted by African fishermen to ward off the strong rays of the sun and the kikoi became an integral part of the history of the region.  Today, the kikoi has developed its very own character in Kenya, and is a symbol of safaris in that beautiful country.  Celebs favouring kikois abound – Madonna and Prince Harry to name but a couple.

Natalie Sunburst

No beach holiday would be the same without one but the kikoi has so many uses – from wrap to soft furnishings. Its versatility is the key to its increasing popularity.  The bright and bold colours of the cloth are inspired by the vibrant palettes of the Kenya coast. Kikois come in a wide variety of designs. The tasselled edging is hand-woven, giving each piece its individuality.  Once you have one, you will always want another – and trust us boys, when you have worn a kikoi to chill out with a cold beer, you will never want to wear anything else to relax in!

The range of Madagascan bags on sale from are perfectly complemented by our small range of hand-picked kikois.

Just one look at the two products together makes you think of summer, white sandy beaches, sunshine and sea, with soft breezes gently rustling palm leaves.

Kenyan kikois are durable and last for ages

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