Reluctant Goddess

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  2. March 26, 2013 7:48 pm

Reluctant Goddess

The Reluctant Goddess was started because of a feeling and yearning for change to be or do something worthwhile with my life, although I didn’t know what.

I had suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, and Psoriasis for many years, I was worn out from trying to hold my life together and not give in to my illnesses. I was overweight because I was too tired to go out, I couldn’t wear heels or exercise because of my arthritis, I could no longer wear the clothes I used to wear because of my skin condition that covered my entire body. I was also depressed because I hated my job, I didn’t like where I lived, I was lonely I hadn’t had anyone special in my life for a long time and I didn’t know how to change it.

A couple of years ago I knew in my heart that I could no longer go on as I was and I needed to change, I didn’t want to live the rest of my life in bed, not being able to go out or socialise, the only outside contact was going to a job I hated . So I got on the internet to find a way to help cure my CFS which I was told by the doctors was incurable, I didn’t believe that and I found something called the Lightning Process, which changed my life, alleviated all of my CFS symptoms and restored my life and energy to me.

I went back to work for awhile but I knew I didn’t want to be an Office Manager anymore, I decided that I needed to find out what I did want from my life, so I made the decision to go travelling to take time out of my life and see what I could discover about myself.

The decision to go travelling set off a chain of events that I can only describe as ‘it was meant to be’, not long afterwards I was made redundant, where I got a good payout. I immediately went to the travel agent and booked a Round the World ticket, I went on to sell my house, sell most of my possessions, it was the most liberating feeling to get rid of all of my possessions, there was nothing of my old life left to come back to, I was free.
My family and friends thought I was crazy to go off travelling by myself but I knew I had to go for my own sanity; there was nothing left for me. My trip around the world taught me many things and had a profound life changing effect on me, I discovered so much about myself and who I wanted to be. In China I discovered that I was unique and special, that people were interested in what I had to say, where I was from and why I had decided to travel. I learnt how to slow down and listen to my body, mind and soul by doing tai chi in the mountains at sun rise. In New Zealand I embraced life, by being in nature, I loved being outdoors walking, hiking and realised how great my body was when healthy.

In Peru I hiked the 4 day Inca trail to Macchu Pichu, a year before I had trouble climbing the stairs, now I was hiking in altitude above 4000 feet; it reminded me that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.  We can always do more than we think with the power of positive thinking and with the right mindset we can achieve anything.


In Argentina I remembered that it is more important to be beautiful on the inside and that your inner beauty is reflected on the outside and I should dress to reflect who I am and not the way people, fashion, culture, thinks I should dress.

I embraced my womanhood, my femininity and my strength. I found my inner voice, goddess and my smile. hereluctantgoddessphotoI ended my journey in Rio, where I enjoyed partying, socialising, embracing and enjoying my life again. By the time I arrived back in the UK, I knew who I was, what I wanted and knew that I wanted to teach what I had learnt about myself, to show other women how to do the same. I studied as a life coach and a personal stylist. I now pay it forward by helping women achieve changes in their life and get them to embrace their own new beginnings and discover their own unique personal style that reflects who they are on the inside.The Reluctant Goddess is for those women who are reluctant to stand in the spotlight of their own lives and need a helping hand to embrace who they are and look fabulous while doing it.

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