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In Tinktopia, robots fall in love, and join in Holy Ironmongery.

They use parts of themselves and discarded metals to produce their offspring. 

Tinktopia is situated on Earth, although the robots are unaware of humans, regarding them as ‘giant wobbly things’.

This romantic couple stand approximately 2 – 3 inches high and are made from copper, tin cans, washers, bolts and other found objects. they stand on a wooden plynth.

A stunning wedding gift, and a beautiful, intricate ornamet for any lover of robots.

I trained for four years at the Birmingham School of Jewellery (UCE) as a jewellery designer / maker
Worked for major top end of marked jewellery company as head designer, selling work in Harrods, Goldsmiths, Asprays etc etc
Began teaching jewellery to adults in 2000, and working on art & crafts projects with children in about 2001.
I had the terrible realisation that the jewellery industry is highly unethical after a lot of research (stuff they don’t tell you when you’re studying jewellery at uni, or designing for the likes of the Royal family)and as a consequence only use materials I know are ethical.
Almost all of the silver & gold I use in my jewellery is recycled. I will not use diamonds because of human rights atrocities surrounded by the mining industry.
I take inspiration from a variety of sources, including Mexican art, Manga, Victorian Memento mori.

My latest project is Tinktopia, a whole robot world.

I like old things, broken things, rusty things. These are my treasure

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