Vintage Perfume

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  2. October 11, 2015 1:42 pm

Vintage Perfume

Vintage perfume bottles and scents

New research shows what men always knew but didn’t know why!

We are all drawn to perfumes that complement our own natural smells, making it near impossible to second-guess the right scent for a partner.

vintage perfume bottleSo finding a vintage perfume bottle from the late 1880′s to the most modern of rimes, that expresses your or partners style and personality with a little added history maybe the best next best thing when it comes to perfume and scent. There are many types from Teardop shaped encased in metal with detailing, to rounder slender neck bottles with flat sides.

ebay can be a great place to start finding vintage perfume bottles.

Once you find your perfect bottle and feel it really needs something in it, remember a £4 Lidl perfume smells almost exactly the same as a £70 scent from Chanel according to popular press reports last year, So decanting makes thrify sense if you really don’t know what scent is right for her

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