Handwoven Bags, Kikoi Beach Wraps

Handwoven Bags, Kikoi Beach Wraps

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We sell hand woven Madagascan bags of unique design which are limited edition, with new designs each year. You cannot buy our bags on the high street which makes them exceptional gifts or wardrobe additions.

Our Madagascan woven bags are sourced from suppliers who are committed to providing regular work to their craft groups. Fair pay and sustainability are at the heart of their production. Part of the revenue generated is used to provide training to craftspeople so that the quality of their products is maintained, and part is donated to local charities to fund community programmes providing educational and medical facilities, and fresh water supplies.  These things which we take for granted are not as easily accessible in this part of Africa.  So, when you purchase one of these bags, you will be making a personal contribution towards improving the lives of people in one of the poorest countries in Africa.

A contribution is made directly to the Children’s Society from a proportion of our UK sales, their mission statement being “A better childhood.  For every child”

Our 100% cotton wraps from the Kenyan coast are in a range of gorgeous designs and colours and once you have one, you will always want another.

Bags and More – Hand Woven Bags from Madagascar and Kikois





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