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I am a professional Artist and teacher living and working in my studio in Alberton, South of Johannesburg, South Africa. I have no formal training beyond school level, but I have been creating for as long as I can remember. First Love
My passion for Art has led me to seek out practical knowledge everywhere I can. I am a very visual person and find that just looking at work I am able to figure out technique. I have made a zillion mistakes but some fantastic breakthroughs too and I am discovering new things every day.

My style has evolved over the years and although I use mostly Acrylic paint, I do sometime mix my mediums. Collage has also become my passion. I can get lost in a collage for ever with my only limit being my canvas size. Buttercup

Interesting bodies and faces fascinate me and although I do paint a lot of male figures; I really enjoy the female form the most. The soft, delicate features, and the way that light bounces off a woman’s curves captivate me. I see color in everything.


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