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  • Complete the short form with your name, email and short description about yourself/business – This is not your listing. Just your user details.
  • Select either the free or paid listing.
  • Click on create account.
  • If you have selected the Free account, you will then be able to enter your website details and submit for review. (All listings are reviewed)
  • If you have selected the  £5 listing, you will see the pay pal payment, once payment has been made you will be brought back to your account and you then choose create listing on the right hand side. Choose the £5 listing, this time you will be able to add and submit your details.

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Why pay £5

When promoting your shop online you want to get as many people to see it as possible. We will help you improve your online prominence in a competitive market.

SEO requires you to build links more than anything else. Why?

Because the more quality sites that link to you, the more they think you must have a good web site. It’s that simple. A free listing gets you a link back plus complimentary tweet


The £5 package allows html, you can link text to your website with long tail keywords. Once you have created your listing, we can edit it if you so wish.

You can add photos into your description and hold them in a small gallery.

Be creative in your description and use images to attract vistors to your site. A good example is the What Katie Did listing

All Paid links revert to the FREE Non Html Basic Listing after 365 days so you don’t loose out with your link if you decide not to renew your package payment
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