If your selling online, this is a blog that makes a lot of sense to me. Of course having a great product or book (In this case) helps. However, the short tips and advice offered by Rachel in her article should not be underestimated.    Why NOT Blogging Is Stupid

'Just remember: be social. If you share you blog posts, check for comments and answer them. Twitter and Facebook are not free radio, one-way advertising. It's not all about you. I just read this: you get 30 TIMES more followers when you share information content, as opposed to one-way ads with links to your work. Think about that.'


This last paragraph really stood out for me! Just before reading this article, I had just been looking at a facebook page for quite a good site, with over a 1000 fans, yet the last activity was 4 months ago, what I noticed most, was all the postings were about the site, not much sharing going on, for the short time I have been on facebook, most of the good pages, share!!!!

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