Starting uni, is it an excuse for a whole new wardrobe!

Posted on 15 August 2012 by Fran

(Thoughts on starting uni, is it an excuse for a whole new wardrobe!)

You may just have received your A Level results last week, or returned from your gap year travels or be working solidly to raise money for your fees but University is looming on the horizon. Freshers week is but a blink away, moving day is sooner than you think, and the first term will be over before you know it…! But with all this potentially stressful change comes something we can all enjoy; shopping. From spatulas for your self catering accommodation to dresses and heels for those big (most likely drunken) nights out that help you get to know your new acquaintances and surroundings!



The great thing about starting University is that it is another of those huge precipices in life where you really get a chance to choose who you are and what your future will hold; the way you dress is just one simple way to enhance your confidence during this time and embody this bright future. Whether you feel that appearances aren’t important, or you wouldn’t dare consider leaving the house without heels you can appreciate the way good clothes make you feel! A friend who is going in to her third year this September said that going to University didn’t change her but really gave her a sense of style because you can’t help but be drawn in to the youth culture and fashion of the city you are exploring.



You may also be excited by the prospect of your grants and student loan but be careful! What you have left over after fees needs to be budgeted for food, travel and nights out (and make sure you save some for at least one amazing summer trip), if you can do this then you will have more money to spend on clothes and accessories throughout the year, so you won’t be caught in the same outfit twice when you’re trying to impress! If you do spend a bit too much but need your fashion fix try vintage and charity shops, where you can often find a bargain, or even have a go at altering clothes you already have; customise, dip dye some denim or one of your shirts, embellish a collar or sleeve, turn a dress in to a top…get creative and lend your own designers eye to an outfit.



The most basic tip I can give you for the first week of your higher education experience is; go to every event you can, meet as many people as possible, and say hello to all your neighbours.



Having a fabulous wardrobe doesn’t mean anything if you have nowhere to wear it!


Fran Wright

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  1. Sabrina Says:

    Love it, love it, love it. More please? 😀

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